Our Weighers


​Our inline weighing conveyor systems can be customised with a range of optional extras and functions to ensure the weigher meets the individual needs of your application and products.


These optional functions and extras can be added to the system at a later date should a change of requirements arise.

Our Depositors/Fillers


We now offer depositors and fillers which can either run as stand alone machines or linked to our weighers for automatic weight adjustment and control.

All our depositors utilise IP69K stainless steel servos actuators.  



Our inline weighing conveyor systems can also be purchased with a support contract to remove the need for in house maintainence and spare parts costs.


Our inline weighing conveyor systems can also be hired on a contract basis a support contract is included as standard.  This removes the need for capital outlay.

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Wash Down Design

FDA approved plastic bushes

No conveyor belt to wear, track or replace

Yes to hose cleans

IP69K Parts

Minimal parts means minimal strip down cleans

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