All our depositors utilise  IP69K servo actuators and RFID safety sensors to ensure hoppers and nozzles are in place.
To reduce giveaway and ensure weights are maintained throughout a product run our depositors and fillers can be connected to our weighers downstream.  This allows for deposit wieights to be automatically adjusted as the product or hopper levels change throughout the run.
Servo fillers are also more energy efficient and cost less to run then depositors that rely solely on compressed air

The ED1 servo depositor is designed with safety in mind my employing safety switches for the ensuring that the hopper and associated parts are in position before power is applied to the moving parts.

Current air driven depositors have no means of true “suck back” other than through the design of the heads.  With servo driven depositors true suck back can achieved by requesting the product cylinder to draw back a desired amount before the rotary block is actuated allowing the product to be drawn in to the product cylinder ready for the next deposit.  

Hand Rotary Servo Filler
Four lane fillerwith 3/4" nozzles and removable tooling.
Hand Rotary
Birds eye view of a hand rotray with crumb depostor, tamper and servo filler.
Pair of Twin Lanes ED2
12 Lane filler depositor using two servo actuators.
Picture shows nozzles from above.
12 lane servo filler
Depositors With Pumps
14 Lane Depositor
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14 Lane Depositor