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The Edenweigh design

Fit For Purpose

The Edenweigh system is specifically designed to withstand the food manufacturing environment and originaly designed for direct food contact in the pre-packing process.


  • Chain Link Conveyor: Conveyors can be cleaned with a hose and can be run immediately after a wash down.  Using a chain link conveyor ensures the belt is positively driven eliminating belt tracking, belt stretching, slipping and fraying becoming a foreign body contaminat.


  • No Bearings: The Edenweigh system uses  FDA approved plastic bushes with a 316 stainless steel drive shaft. This makes the system virtually maintainence free and extemely reliable.


  • Blue Acetyl: The design has a very hygienic feel and appearance due to the conveyors being made from two solid peices of Acetyl.


  • High Torque AC Servo Drives: The Edenweigh system uses high torque AC servo drives rather than DC motors with gearboxes resulting in a compact unit with the motors hidden in a 316 stainless steel tube sandwiched between the Acetyl.


Twin lane integrated system
Twin lane weigh belts
Standard WT01
Standard WT01
Twin Lane Intergrated System
WT01 Without Reject
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Standard WT01