Customisable Options


Finger Print Recognition


Add the finger print reader to replace password security and ensure that passwords are not distributed between operators and shifts.  This ensures greater user control and creates an accurate log of the user responsible for acknowledging alarms, clearing alarms and releasing the reject bin lock

Email / Networking


Connect the edenweigh system to an internet connection for batch reports to be emailed.


Connect the edenweigh to the local intranet for remote real time viewing and satistics.

Support/Maintainence Contract


If you decide a rental contract best suits the business needs you will recieve a support contact as part of the rental contract.  This includes replacement of the drive belt, tensioning mechcanism and bushes every 6 months.  A set of spares is also provided with every weigh system in case of an emergency breakdown situation.  If you decide to purchase the weigh system this support contact is available at very reasonable cost.

Factory Floor Viewing


Add Wi-Fi to the edenweigh system a access the touchscreen interface from a tablet or smartphone.  This can be used where a number of systems are installed and realtime data is to be viewed instantly without the need to access the weighers individually.

Thermal Printer


Add the thermal printer option for instant batch records and real time critical alarm printing.

Barcode Verification


Add a barcode scanner to the edenweigh system for verification that the product has been packed into the correct outer case. 

Standard Functions


Transfer products from one eden weigh to another via a USB stick.  Download statics to USB stick in .csv file format for data manipulation in Excel.  Download an audit trail log for logging of user operations, tests and critical alarms.



Add an isolated serial port can be supplied in addition to ethernet for communication profiles for various equipment including our depositors.

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